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Hope for Sudan: Por Alyssa rudinsky, ilustrado por Andrea P. Cukier, Mirror Publishing. ISBN 978-1-61225-323-7

Women Forward, Celebrating Womeen’s History Month

Catálogo para la primera bienal de mujeres artistas en Nueva York  llevada a cabo en The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn NY. ISBN 978-1-60743-050-6

Andrea Cukier, Earth and Dreams in Inwood, Catálogo publicado con ayuda de la beca para artistas, otorgada a A. Cukier en el 2009 por Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance

The Art Students League of New York, 132nd Session Catalogue.


“I really like her (Andrea Cukier’s) work because it is not pretentious and it’s very subtle… It is a kind of work that I could live with, that I could be part of…”
Jonas Mekas

“Shows like this are why we live in New York. This is someone who will be creating important and emotionally impactful art for a long time, the rare artist whose work will send you flying out into the street afterward with an elevated pulse and renewed passion for being alive. Argentinian expat Andrea Cukier’s work is defined by subtlety, yet packs a potently visceral intensity. To say that her collection of nebulous yet riveting oil paintings is captivating is the understatement of the year. Many of these works are pensive and stark, yet rich with emotion and sometimes longing…”
A. Young - Lucid Culture
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October, 2010: The Manhattan Times features Andrea Cukier's show at Columbia University

“The handling of the paint is both concerted but also very free, with a subtle range of colors and paint density that emerge beautifully in clear direct light. They are deeply felt, quietly intense evocations of moods and places. ..What perhaps unites both major aspects or modes of her work is her delicate sense of touch, whether it is embodied in washes of transparent color or the tracery of fragments of branches and plants that enter from outside the frame of her watercolors, or in the light, filmy mists and wisps of colors that recall smoke, light and fog that shape the space of her larger oils. The work is consistently beautiful and contemplative, not trendy or tendentious”.
Professor Stuart Liebman, Ph.D. Program in Art History - CUNY Graduate Center

“Andrea’s work is a traditional medium, watercolor, somewhat abstract, yet clearly representing ponds and gardens most eloquently, using just a few colors amidst a dominating green. One almost feels the moistness in the air, sitting quietly near a pond or river and one can hear the ever-quiet sound of water running. One is in tune with nature. Yes, it is “Perfect Tranquility.” Not everything has to be innovative to be great. Great artists also work in traditional ways. That is something the art world has to come to accept and appreciate.”
James Baldwin Cohen
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The most impressive work on display here is by Argentinian-American Andrea P. Cukier, who’s someone to keep your eye on. The two oils in this show are a good representation of her otherwise powerfully captivating paintings, many of which peer out from the shadows at an illumination whose source is never visible. The two on display here layer white over an obviously meticulously prepared, dark underlayer, perhaps barbwire as seen through a mist.
Lucid Culture
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