Andrea Cukier

Through my work process I find a lyrical approach to those anxieties that I feel. These raw anxieties are nowhere near lyrical, but I reframe them in my paintings.

I create imaginary landscapes: forests that are burning or have deteriorated; the broken structures that inhabit a lifeless place; destroyed areas where wires are still stained with the blood of the birds who struggled to escape.

My work on each piece often begins with an abstract composition that I create when I prime the surface. This composition is a fundamental part of each work, as it guides the process and the path that I will take. I generally use raw pigments and pumice powder in the priming mix.

Each work evolves as I begin to manipulate the indefinite forms that emerge from the original priming. I gradually integrate these forms within an atmosphere evoking certain moods and memories. Feeling my way through these states of mind, I build rhythms of light by interweaving subtle variations of tone and temperature.

Even if these paintings move away from the abstract approach that initially started them, they never become obvious. They let the viewer choose where to begin looking and what to see in them. Mystery and ambiguity are always present.
©-2009-2013. Andrea Cukier. New York. US.